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What's going on in the UK Parliament

What's going on
in the UK Parliament

About this website

This site is designed to make what goes on in the UK Parliament more transparent and easier to engage with.

This site allows you to browse and cast your own vote on Bills and provides a simple API for Bills and allows you to fetch them as plain text and JSON.

The project started out atParliament Hack 2013 (#RSPARLY2013); an event run by Parliament and Rewired State to co-incide with Parliament Week.

As of 2016 we are looking to move the API to use an structured data schema for Bills and Members and Events and at ways to editorialise events in Parliament.


I'd like to thank Parliament for organising the Parliament Hack and being on hand to help with questions about protocol, Rewired State for running it and mySociety for their API's at TheyWorkForYou - and of course all the people who contributed to the free software this site was built with.

I'd also like to thank TheyWorkForYou for providing images of MP's and Peers. Dods hold the copyright for the official images and have explicitly refused permission for me to use the images on this site (contrary to the guidance on

Getting in touch

I'm very open to ideas about how I can improve the site, both for the public and for Members of Parliament.

If you have any suggestions or questions, my email address is

You can find me on Twitter as @iaincollins.

This is free software

This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.

You can find the project on GitHub at

Contributions are most welcome! If you're not a developer you can help out by submitting bugs and ideas.